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Stonehaven has a laundry facility onsite for your convenience. This system provides the ultimate in convenience.

You have the payment option for Coins or Credit Card via the
PayRange Smart Phone App




36 minutes



45 minutes

Heavy Wash


55 minutes



Issues can be resolved with All Valley Wash Services at 800-247-1100.

The Laundry Room can be accessed with your resident entry key 24/7.


Helpful Hints For Best Wash


• Do not overflow dispenser or overstuff the machine with clothes.

• No large comforters.

• No pods or powder in dispenser.

• Place pod in drum first, then clothes.


 Clean out lint filter after every use.

​​​​​​​• Do not forget any clothes after use.

• Remove all used dryer sheets after use.

• Appliance number identifier when unit's are stacked: reference the arrow pointing on the pricing electronic keyboard.