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Submitting a Maintenance Request

Have an Emergency?

Is There a Charge for Repairs?

What Services Are Available?

Health and Safety During Service Requests

Maintenance Tips



Submitting a Maintenance Request


If something in your residence malfunctions or breaks, or if you notice something is out of order on the property, please submit a service request. Service requests are usually completed within 48 hours, depending on availability of materials. At Fall Move In’s, service requests are addressed in order of urgency. Please allow 1-2 weeks for completion during that time.

REPAIRS / IMPROVEMENTS / ALTERATIONS are not permitted. Residents may not make repairs or physical improvements or alterations to residential facilities or furniture. Damage to property will result in a charge to resident.

Submit a maintenance service request here
Service request updates can be seen on your resident portal at the "Request History" tab under
 "Maintenance Request".


(951) 782-7979

Monday – Friday, 8 am – 5pm

RA On-Duty

(951) 237-2078

Weekdays: 5:00 pm – 8:00 am

Weekends & Holidays: 24 hours


Have an Emergency?

Contact the SH RSO or the RA On-Duty if it is a health or safety emergency, or if it will escalate damage to property. Maintenance staff is available 24 hours a day to conduct repairs.


Is There a Charge for Repairs?


Most repairs are completed free of charge. Ask Resident Services Office staff whether or not you may be charged for a particular repair.


What Services Are Available?


We provide assistance for the following Service Requests:

  • Heating and air conditioning
  • Water leaks
  • Burned-out light bulbs
  • Malfunctioning toilets
  • Garbage disposals
  • Grounds maintenance
  • Lock & key issues
  • and many others


We do not provide assistance for the following:

  • Curtain Rods
  • Mini blind valances
  • Additional window coverings
  • Additional bedroom doors
  • Additional locks and/or security devices
  • Moving furniture
  • Cleaning services
  • Additional lighting


Please refrain from installing any of these items in your residence.



Health and Safety During Service Requests


In an effort to work safely, we want to partner together by taking the following steps:


To prepare for a maintenance visit, residents should do the following

1. Clean the requested service area

2. Practice social distancing (six feet)

3. Wear a face mask or covering

4. Step out of the area if six-feet of distance is not available

5. If you or anyone in your apartment is not feeling well, please inform the SH RSO immediately.


While in your living space, maintenance staff will do the following

1. Wear gloves and a face cover

2. Show name badge and service request

3. Step out of the area if social distancing is not available

4. Wipe their shoes and/or wear shoe covers

5. Practice social distancing (or step out of the area if social distancing is not available)

6. Confirm when the service request is complete.



Maintenance Tips


Air Conditioning


  • To turn on the fan, set Fan to either “Auto” or “On”
  • To turn on the AC, set to Cool
  • To turn on the Heater, set to Heat
  • In order to change the temperature, press the “Hold” button and adjust temperature with the up and down arrows and press “Hold” once more to set the temperature. Condensation results in overflow of water from the spout at the ceiling above the kitchen sink.


  • In order to select specific times and dates in which the AC should be on and with certain temperatures, press the “Select” button and adjust accordingly with the up and down arrows as to the date and time and temperature you desire.
  • DO NOT turn off the switch located at the highest point on the wall near your apartment entry door as this will shut off you’re AC unit.


Excessive Moisture

Ventilate your apartment when you are home. This will aid in lessening the build-up of moisture in your bathroom and windowsills. Mildew clean-up is considered one of the housekeeping tasks of the private citizen along with reporting water intrusion issues to your RSO. As your role in maintaining your unit clean and free of mildew build up is crucial, should your maintenance team be required to clean mildew build up from your walls and ceiling that are not sourced from a plumbing leak but stem from lack of appropriate housekeeping, a $75 cleaning fee will be incurred.


Garbage Disposals

Garbage disposal can be turned on at the switch next to the stove. There are only certain types of food items that your garbage disposal will digest. It is essentially there to collect crumbs and small particles and not real garbage. Unwanted food items should be discarded in trash cans and not in the garbage disposal. In order to alleviate malfunctioning garbage disposals, please turn on the cold water before using. Fees may apply for repeated drain repair.


It is never a good idea to place the following items in the Garbage Disposal

  • Stringy foods, pasta, corn husks, artichoke leaves, banana peels, celery stalks.
  • Metal parts/pieces, cigarette butts, glass, rocks, gravel paper, plastic parts/piece
  • Grease/cooking oil, fruit seeds, pits, fruit peels, rinds, noodles or rice.


Leaks should be reported immediately to the SH RSO or afterhours to the RA on Duty.

Pest Control

A certified pest control technician services the community twice per month. Should you be in need of pest control service you can place a work order at your SH RSO.

A charge will be incurred after an initial basic complimentary service. Extensive treatments are not complimentary and incurr a resident charge.


  • Dispose of garbage often.
  • Do not leave garbage bags in exterior hallways.
  • Keep sugary items in your refrigerator.




For optimum cooling…

  • You should set your refrigerator dial to 3 and do not adjust once set. Any other setting may cause the coils to freeze and the unit to leak water on to the floor.
  • Do not overpack your freezer.
  • Do not leave your refrigerator unattended for extended periods of time.
  • It is the resident's responsibility to inform the SH RSO of repair needs immediatly.



To prevent clogged drains, we recommend purchasing a strainer for your shower/tub. Strainers are available for purchase at a nominal cost of $2 from your local hardware store.


Water Shut Offs

On occasion, water will be shut-off in order to make necessary repairs. You will receive an email notifying you of the shut off with as much advance notice as possible. During the shut off water will not be available so please plan accordingly. We will make every attempt to keep any disruption to a minimum.

After water is back on, we recommend running water for 15 minutes or so to allow water to circulate to your pipes.