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Current Resident Useful Information



For your convenience we have included some information you may find useful to help make your move in and stay a more pleasant and smooth transition. You may contact the SH RSO for additional questions.


Cable: Every living room is set up with cable capability. You may contact your local service provider for service at cost to you.


Campus Apartment Rental Agreement: You may reference your C.A. Rental Agreement for information of your rental terms and conditions. C.A. Rental Agreement can be obtained on the UCR Housing Portal.


Dumpster Trash Service:

Service Dates



Grey dumpster

Behind A, E, & G buildings


Monday, Wednesday, Friday

White dumpster

Behind A & G buildings

Recycle (White Dumpster)

  • Boxes, cans, and plastic bottles only
  • Flatten all boxes
  • No large furniture, appliances, batteries, chemicals, or flammables. Charges will apply for large item dumping.

Place all trash in dumpster

  • No trash on the floor
  • No digging or scavenging
  • Up to $500 fine



Fire Alarms:  Most community fire alarms are triggered as a result of food being prepared with little to no ventilation as well as the stove being left unattended. Your safety is always our number one priority and therefore we offer the following suggestions in helping to keep yourself and your neighbors free of fire hazards.

  • Open windows and doors.
  • Turn on exhaust and room fans before turning on the stove.
  • Avoid leaving the stove unattended.
  • It is recommended you don’t turn the stove knob past #4.
  • Never hang items from your fire sprinklers.
  • Turn on the fan before cooking. VENTILATE! VENTILATE! VENTILATE!

Guests: Reference your Rental Agreement and the Student Conduct Policies handbook for the guest policy.


Grievance Procedure:

UCR Housing Student Conduct Policy


• Schedule your meeting or, if prescheduled, arrive to your meeting at the time indicated on the letter forwarded by the Residential Life Conduct Administrator

• If the Residential Life Conduct Administrator is available, you may choose to meet prior to the 24-hour minimum notice

• You may bring an adviser; if you choose to bring an adviser you must let the Residential Life Conduct Administrator know 24 hours before your meeting

• You will have the opportunity to respond to the allegations and present relevant information; bring any relevant documents to your meeting

• You can call forward a witness(es) to support your response to the allegations; you may bring these witnesses to your meeting or make them aware that the Residential Life Conduct Administrator may be contacting them to discuss the case

• You may file a written reply to the decision, which will be kept in your file regardless of the outcome of the incident

• You may appeal the decision(s) by completing the online appeal form within three (3) business days of the outcome letter


• We will consider all alleged violations of Housing Residential policy and determine appropriate follow-up

• We will notify you, typically via email, at least 24 hours in advance of scheduled meetings or provide a minimum of 24 hours to schedule a meeting;

• We will provide an opportunity for you to review the report and other supporting documentation

• We will engage you in an educational conversation about the incident and your response to the incident

• We will notify you of the decision and the opportunity to appeal


EAH Grievance Policy

There are three levels of hearing or appeals with respect to this procedure. The complainant is required to first present his/her grievance to the Resident manager prior to submitting the complaint to others in the organization.


a. Resident Manager: This is an informal meeting between you and the on-site Resident manager to discuss your grievance. The goal of the informal hearing is to settle the problem without the need to have a second hearing with the Resident Manager’s immediate supervisor, the Property Supervisor. In the event the problem is not settled you are entitled to request a hearing with the Property Supervisor. However, you must first meet with the Resident manager prior to requesting a hearing with his/her supervisor.


b. Property Supervisor: After the complainant has met with the on-site Resident manager and the problem has not been settled satisfactory, the resident can meet with the Property Supervisor. The problem may be discussed and resolved over the telephone or if requested at a scheduled meeting.


c. Regional Manager: The final authority to resolve the resident’s grievance is the Regional Manager. All grievances must be presented in writing only. Decisions made by the Regional Manager are final within the EAH organization.


Keep Stonehaven Clean: Please help us keep your community clean by…

  • Placing all garbage and trash in the trash bins located in the back parking lots.
  • Hallways, stairwells, and the pool area must be kept free of trash.
  • Cardboard boxes and paper products may be placed in the white recycling bins in the trash enclosures.
  • The trash cans throughout the community are meant for disposal of smaller trash items only. Do not leave your large apartment trash bags in these receptacles.


Lobby Access After-hours: Your Stonehaven facility key will open the door between the lobby and the laundry room which will allow you access to the amenities in the lobby afterhours. These amenities include your mailbox, the lobby study area, TV lounge area, dining area, and Wi-Fi. We hope you enjoy these amenities later into the evening and that they will support you in your academic studies.


Lock Outs:

You are allowed (3) complimentary lock outs per academic year. Additional lock outs incur a service charge. Lock outs can be arranged at the following:

  • During regular business hours:
    • Location: SH RSO
    • Picture ID required.
  • After hour lock outs:
    • Contact: RA on Duty at (951) 237-2078.


Mail & Packages:  Mail and packages are delivered and sorted at your SH RSO daily. You can pick up packages during regular business hours with a picture I.D. Once your package is processed, you will receive an email from “SH-Management” informing you that your package is ready for pick up.

Include your apartment number and bed space for ease of processing.


John Doe

3201 Canyon Crest Drive

Apartment: A321-B2

Riverside, CA 92507

  • As an added precaution it is recommended that you have packages shipped with signature required.
  • SH RSO staff does not deliver or open packages for residents.
  • Mail from non-resident’s are returned to sender.
  • Change of address can be made with United States Post Office.
  • Return packages can be dropped off at the SH RSO for pick up. Return label must be adhered to packaging. Packaging should be sealed.


Morning Coffee: Stop by for a complimentary morning cup of coffee located in the lobby at the SH RSO before heading off to school.

Limited one per resident. While supplies last.

New Roommate Move In:

  • New roommate(s) move in date click here, unless otherwise notified.
  • Processing of new move-in’s take place at the SH RSO and pool area. In an effort to avoid congestion, the pool and laundry room are closed on Check-In Day. Please plan accordingly.
  • Roommate information request is available through the UCR Housing Department.
  • Relocation: Residents who relocate themselves to spaces to which they are not contracted are considered illegal relocations. Such Residents will be moved back to their contracted spaces and shall be subject to a $75.00 liquidated damages charge per resident to cover related administrative costs, in addition to costs for maintenance and/or custodial as are actually or typically incurred.
  • A Resident who signs for a Double Occupancy room must limit their physical occupancy to the same one half of the room space at all times during the contracted period. However, the “A1” “A2” or “B1” “B2” designation on the Contract for a room is an arbitrary physical location. This includes the common areas such as kitchen and living room space, refrigerator, counters, drawers, and cabinets.
  • In preparation for new residents arriving in September, please ensure that your apartment is at a clean and tidy standard by September 1. After this date your apartment may be cleaned by staff and additional cleaning charges could be assessed to your account.
  • If you plan on leaving and will not return prior to your new roommate’s arrival, please be mindful to clean your apartment including all the appliances and discard any trash.
  • Additonal information click here.

Renew Your Campus Apartment:

Applications are accepted on a year-round basis with lease renewal offered during winter quarter. Don’t pay rent for two months! Stonehaven residents who choose to renew for the next academic year stay July and August payment free.

Benefits of Renewing Your Contract

  • Guaranteed housing for the next year
  • Increased financial aid for living on-campus
  • Housing parking permit available
  • Get two months payment-free
  • Priority living preference
  • Don’t worry about having to move again

Vacant Unit Inspections:

In an effort to maintain the integrity of your apartment, we schedule monthly apartment inspections to check for potential hazards such as leaks or other safety concerns that may need to be addressed immediately. We will notify residents of these inspections, via a posted Notice of Entry and or an email communication, at least 24 hours before entry.


Window Locks: It is a good idea to keep windows and doors locked even when you are at home when not ventilating your apartment. For additional security some residents have found it useful to use secondary window locks which are available for purchase at a nominal cost of $2 from your local hardware store.